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Ozzy's JourneyYouth is that phase in life where dreams are built, hope is kindled, and bright futures full of opportunities are foreseen. This is the phase in which a child normally transitions over to adolescent years. Today we are witnessing that many of our children are entering this phase earlier than expected for a variety of contributing factors. It is clear that this stage of life can be quite challenging for them with many changes taking place all at once, but with the right support and guardrails, these stages can be piloted with positive traction.

This is the most prevalent and fundamental purpose that Ozzy’s Journey recognizes as most challenging, yet fruitful through its strategic vision of supporting those who are dedicated to sowing seeds and transforming adolescents to young adults. This can be achieved through emphasis that promotes development through higher learning and a spirited community initiative that contributes to the production of exceptional young leaders for the Greater Good of our society and humanity. Ozzy’s Journey empowers youth with critical thinking, knowledge, a spirited emphasis on faith, purpose, family, education, citizenship, patriotism, and a sense of community in preparation for tomorrow’s world, while keeping them true to our Red, White, & Blue. It is a positive-can-do vision used to detect and deter these adolescents away from the negative influences and consequences that await to challenge them in this world.

These are the years that are so vital and prevalent in finding their place in this world. This is a time to ensure that the proper seeds sowed into their lives are nurtured and well-rooted in order to witness the manifestation of the fruits of thy labor. In short, it is a life skills investment that germinates leadership, proper forms of conduct, and one that possesses the technical competencies required that fuel their future pathways. It also serves as the most opportune time to support their ambitions while helping them grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. These efforts are also aimed at cultivating them to serve a certain “way of life” in our communities as young responsible citizens. Our actions, time, and investment enhance the best positive outcomes for them. Ozzy’s Journey further ignites the development of the proper skill-sets required to plan a way ahead, make better choices, and mitigate consequences while understanding that we are driven by PASSION and driven by PURPOSE in all that we do.

The secondary vision to Ozzy’s Journey encourages individuals and communities to play a vital and active role in the lives of “our” children. It is a challenge and a societal “call to action” for the involvement of committed citizens to mentor these youth to give them the best possible shot for a good future. As adults and educators in this world, we all share a common thread interest and social responsibility for a better tomorrow. Concurrently, our youth also share responsibility and a common denominator in helping bridge that gap by continuing to excel through an educational roadmap of higher learning. Combining these two thought processes will create win-win outcomes for all involved. We aim to support those cultivating, mentoring, guiding and encouraging these youths to achieve their desired goals and fullest potentials. Our steadfast efforts should also provide supporting arms in their fields of interest to help boost them through their discoveries and pathways in life. Helping them ascertain that portal will ignite them to achieve greater heights and offer far greater contributions to this world in which we live in.

Your time is an investment that is critical components to their journeys and reflective to your very own as well. It should consist of life’s greatest lessons, unbreakable faith of spiritual love, and a sense of purpose to serve humanity. It should be one that instills a righteous path that breeds a moral and ethical compass response of “Doing the Right Things, for the Right Reasons, Even When No One Else Is Looking.” It is a goal to develop a humane responsibility response to act as a Good Samaritan without turning a blind eye to. Our active and positive involvement is seeded into all facets of their adolescent lives with anticipation that will produce a new generation of faithful and productive young citizens for generations to come. This is the ultimate goal that results from sowing Christ-centered seeds which propels hope for the bright futures and where vocation intersects their calling.