We GIVE and SERVE our Communities with IMPACT!

It is our quest to bring about desired improvements in social change and the well-being of individuals, groups, and communities for the greater good. H.O.M.E. plays an important role in seeking out those individuals, organizations, and institutions having a profound impact in the youth and people they serve. We seek to enhance, encourage, and elevate the environment in which seeds are sowed and how they strengthen the communities we live in. We lean towards this vision by evaluating program development, effectiveness, progress, outcomes, and administration.

We stand TALL and PROUD to announce that we are organically a SELF-SUSTAINED organization grown from the bottom up assessing, addressing, and identifying changing conditions to meet the needs of youth for over 10 years with no paid employees. This in itself, should speak volumes about the type of organization we are and about those who serve us. The monies we raise goes back into the communities they are generated from, its related administrative cost, and supports future activities of our organization.

Through these efforts, we impact many of the key settings in which youth development occurs; to include, families, schools, youth sports, and other out-of-school youth programs. We also offer a variety of youth development & leadership programs, prevention courses, conferences, and workshops as viable solutions to foster the steady personal progression of students, their communities, and devoted citizenship.