We GIVE and SERVE with Grace, Compassion, & IMPACT for Change!

It is our desire to support those bringing about desired improvements and social humanitarian change in our communities for the Greater Good. We seek to identify those individuals, organizations, and institutions that exemplify grace, fellowship, and a profound connection to the true meaning of “community.” We measure this by its demonstrated compasses, common attitudes, interests, and goals as a shared community investment. We act as a financial conduit and seek to enhance, encourage, elevate, foster, and support an environment that is already exist in sowing seeds, strengthening communities, families, and preparing tomorrow’s future. We lean towards this vision by evaluating program development, effectiveness, progress, outcomes, and administration in ensuring that there is an element which connects our past and present leaders/professionals to the future leaders of tomorrow.

We stand TALL and PROUD in all that we are, have done, and continue to do for the past 12 years. We are a self-sustained organization grown from the bottom up assessing, addressing, and identifying changing conditions in our youth. Typically we raise our funds organically through fundraisers in partnership with those that we support or by raising situational awareness for a particular cause we decide to embrace. Through our efforts and connection with other like-minded individuals and organizations we make an impact on the lives we touch, the programs we support, and link the benefit back to having a purpose. Devotedly we will continue servicing the community at large as patriotic and productive citizens contributing for the greater good, while keeping true to “Old Glory” and our Red, White, & Blue.