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Our MISSION is to aspire higher academic achievement, leadership, personal growth, and development in our youth, while impacting positive humanitarian change and advocacy by CONNECTING our PAST and PRESENT professionals to our FUTURE leaders of America, resulting in a SHARED Community Investment. (SOW, REAP, GROW).

H.O.M.E. is a Virginia and Puerto Rico based certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated towards youth development, leadership and a variety of humanitarian issues which affect our youth today. These issues possess the potential of influencing, obstructing, and deterring our youth from reaching their true potentials, purposes, and journey’s in life. We counter this by connecting and activating our community leaders, first responders, and military veterans to take a fundamental role in helping shape the lives of our children. Similarly, we also attempt to encourage parents, teachers, mentors, and other providers also play a vital role in this undertaking. It is the true azimuth and purpose of our foundation which implores all citizens to take on an active role and responsibility of giving back while paying it forward for the greater good. In faith we invite you to rise to this challenge and generously share your gift of love and commitment to invest in our youth.

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Your love, passion, and active involvement in being part of a child’s life makes all the difference in the world. Become an Ambassador and embed your leadership legacy HOME.

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Personal Growth

Focus on Youth and LEAP!

A Focus on Youth effort which detects and deters them from the negative influences and consequences awaits them in the real world. Paving the way by sowing seeds and equipping our youth with the proper tools to make well informed decisions. We aim to inspire, aspire, and suspire an upcoming generation of leaders for success! An effort that begins at HOME and filters into the communities they live and serve.

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Assisting youth to meet and deal with the challenges of today while discovering their full potential.


We aim to reach youth prior to them finding themselves in a crisis situation within unfamiliar settings and faces.



We place a strong emphasis on motivating students to continue their education as a key to their future success.



We teach youth the fundamentals of money management, budgeting, and financial freedom.




We guide youth in exploring their career interest and the various job markets industries available to them.


We promote physical activities and a healthy dietary consumption lifestyle for balance and wellness.


Our intention is to promote quality experiences and inject positive growth in the young lives we touch.


A process that propels and motivates young people to greater heights and opportunities in life.


Our concept contributes to the production of young exceptional citizens.

Ozzy’s Journey

A vision which propels adolescents to young adults through a youth empowerment, development, and educational mobilization which contributes to the production of exceptional young citizens and leaders for the Greater Good of humanity.

The journey also embarks youths with knowledge, critical thinking, and a spirited emphasis placed on faith, purpose, and family as they travel alongside their own ambitious journeys in finding their way back HOME.

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The most self-sacrificing and genuine act of sowing a simple seed possesses the power to transform lives.


Those inspired to reap the benefits of the seeds they sow must also burden the energy it takes of supporting it.


The discoveries of our journeys will renew our compass, kindle our hearts, and propagate the joy of our destine purpose.

Our Valued Supporters

Our supporters are an essential part of our efforts, initiatives, and good works. Their contributions create pathways for opportunities beyond our expectations which allow us to sow seeds and see them germinate in those in which we serve.

Combined with our independent efforts, their support also adds value to the overall health of our organization in which we have enjoyed over the past 12 years. We truly appreciate, blessed and humbled by the special trust and confidence that has been bestowed upon us.

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