We are RISING UP against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic that is challenging our country, workforce, and communities today. We are dedicated to assisting our country, communities, and workforce with a sensible approach to help mitigate the further progression of this virus. Our goal is to EMPOWER and EDUCATE people with the basic facts and fundamentals of COVID-19 – human to human transmission and ways in which it can be mitigated in order to protect those most vulnerable and workforce as we make our way back to the workplace. As humanitarians and Samaritans, we feel we have a responsibility to assist where we can in combating this public health threat.

There are REAL challenges ahead of us and thoughtful considerations to be made in protecting ourselves, families, friends, businesses, and employees. We must remain vigilant, educated, and well informed to the many aspects of this new normal. We can collectively do this by being Proactive versus Reactive in this ever so changing daily environment. During these unprecedented times, employers will be faced with a new set of dilemmas that will most likely change the very fabrics of employment law issues. One that will require out of the box thinking, sound judgment, genuine leadership, compassion, and a strategic approach in combating this virus. This will also help reduce some of the fears, anxieties, and concerns the workforce will have with returning back to the workplace.


Basic Facts and Fundamentals of Transmission & Prevention:

·  EMPLOYER SOLUTIONS:  MITIGATE Work Conditions (Enclosed spaces are HIGHLY Contagious for People) without Proper Action.

  • Aim to REDUCE the Fears, Anxieties, and concerns of your workforce by:
    • Investing in the PROTECTION of Your Human Capital Workforce.
    • Be PROActive and not in a REActive state of contention.
    • Educate Your Workforce about the Facts and Fundamentals of (COVID-19) Transmission.
    • Allow your workforce to continue working from HOME (If possible).
    • Create a (COVID-19) Company Policy
    • Conduct Initial, Follow On, & Perpetual (COVID-19) Antibody Testing.
    • Conduct Daily Temperature Checks.
    • Enforce PHYSICAL Distancing (RECOMMEND Increasing Separation of Space to 15 – 20 feet)  
    • Consider Protecting Employee Work Stations with Partitions.
    • Require EVERYONE to wear MASK at ALL times
    • Have Employees Stay at Home when they are Sick.
    • Must have an Adequate Supply of Disinfected Wipes to Sanitize Office & Work Stations Daily.
    • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Encourage Workforce to Properly Wash their Hands a Few Times a Day.
    • CONSTANTLY Circulate the Air Flow in Your Office
    • Invest in an Air Purification System for your Office Spaces
    • Invest in Attaching an ULTRAVIOLET Lighting (UV) Unit onto your Central HVAC System.

  • How Can You Support During this Time:
    • ALL Local First Responders & Veterans – First Line of Defense
    • Homes for the Elderly
    • Local Churches
    • Food Pantries
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Youth Programs & Support Services
    • Sponsor an Individual or Adopt a Family in Need
    • Local Small Businesses & Restaurants
  • If we could be of further assistance contact us at 540-288-7100. We appreciate your support and wish you the very best. There’s No Place Like HOME. #SowReapGROW #ProtectYourFLOCK #WherePASSIONmeetsPURPOSE