The word “HOME” has a very profound and impactful meaning that can take on many different forms of identity, but generally we tend to understand it as a place of an unbreakable faith, strength, refuge, family, sense of belonging to and a center place of love full of lifetime experiences. Some search for it in all the wrong places, while others never leave or forget its origin. It lies within the very core of our hearts and spiritual compass which always brings us back full circle. More importantly, it is a place we can’t ever see through the portals of a stranger’s eyes. It is a reflection of everlasting memories and a pillar of rooted strength that identifies who we are in this world. It is able to be gifted, mirrored, transformed, or rediscovered through a remembrance of all of our senses, memories, and strengthened heritages in getting us back to where we are destine to be. It is our True North and the purest LOVE of all that has been inherited by us through the fruits of lineage labor by those that have unselfishly sacrificed their batons over to us. Whether it be a family member, friend, caregiver, teacher, mentor, or gifted by a complete stranger, our journeys of a thousand miles will, not only find a way to get us back HOME, it will also provide a way for us to identify with it.

Our personal chosen pathways, related consequences, stumbles, and falls must be valued as testimonials towards life’s greatest lessons learned and in the realization that we must patiently steer the course with a calm consistency towards our true north in obedience to honor and glorify GOD. Take heed that for everything you want in life, there is a sacrifice in leaving something else behind. This is the price we must be willing to pay in order to move us forward. It is then in which we begin to experience a spiritual maturity and recognition that the purest LOVE of all CONNECTS us to the body of Christ and circle of life. There will always a challenge to face when steering the course to do good. Take note that those inspired to reap the benefits of the seeds they sow must also burden the energy it takes of supporting it. Sure we are bound to make mistakes along the journey, but the most prevalent lesson about getting you back HOME is the peace, tranquility, comfort, love, strength, and feeling that elevates you to total completeness.

Bizarrely, we all come to familiar junctures and crossroads in life that warrants us to find our pathways back HOME. What does it all mean? This place, this feeling, and inherited rooted knowledge that we’d instinctively carried all along throughout our journeys. How it is that we end up standing on the very same footprints in which we started from? How different would’ve our outcomes been, if we had taken heed to the concerns and wise counsel of others along the way? How much quicker could we have reached our actual destinations in realizing that we were already whole from the very beginning and possessed all the right tools required to embark on our own quest for life. How did we miss that? It was the lack of proper nourishment and periods of drought which created the fog for this stubbornness.

We encourage you to become a Good Samaritan, stay centered and true in all that you are and all that you do. Get involved, stand tall, and stand proud in being part of something that is GREATER than yourself. Be KIND, emulate GRACE, PAY it FORWARD and most importantly demonstrate your good cheer of LOVE to one another for the sake of HUMANITY and the GREATER GOOD.  It is the best ACTED antidote that we have within our means which possess the power to transform lives. It does not concur all, but exquisitely extraordinary for those whom choose to accept, receive, and embrace it. Have faith, trust in your own intuition, and your good discernment. You’ll recognize its power in the eyes, hearts, minds, touch, words, and actions of those who you entrust with it as well as those far-flung from it.

The crossroads of our lives will always trigger an azimuth to get you back HOME. Recognize those plotted grid points along your trails and know that “You are not alone.” After all, HOME is where your heart is. Follow the Yellow Brick Road and continue to Do the Right Things, for the Right Reasons, even When No One Else is Looking. With all my LOVE, Heart, & Soul in getting me from here to the Moon and Back. SOW, REAP, GROW. #IMHOME, #URHOME, #WeAreHOME

Life takes us to Unexpected Places, LOVE will bring us back HOME.