A Clean Air Purification & Mitigation Initiative for the ELDERLY in Assisted Living Homes.

 The Home of Miracles & Embraces, Inc., (HOME) along with the American Veterans Ball (AVB) request your consideration in supporting our Clean Air Purification & Mitigation Initiative for the ELDERLY in Assisted Living Homes. The goal is to help preserve the lives of our seniors and most vulnerable population to COVID-19.

This initiative is intended for caring community members, leaders, and businesses to help cover the basic costs of these units. Each time our fundraiser increases by $600 in donations we will deliver an Air Purification Unit to one of these ELDERLY facilities in our area. Once we achieve supporting our local senior facilities we will then switch our focus to support our veteran health clinics, other public health entities, and institutions in our community. All monetary donations are 100% tax-deductible through our 501(c)(3) status.

Our vision and desires are to preserve life and help mitigate the air within the contours of the four walls that they congregate in. Rooms such as the common areas or lunchrooms in which they come together in these facilities. This effort also aims to prevent and/or reduce the further progression of any widespread outbreaks and fatalities associated with COVID-19.

During the past several months we are also pleased to announce that we have been able to support our local Law Enforcement Officials, Regional Jail, Fire Department, and Hospital with the collective distribution of approximately 2500 masks, hand sanitizing units, and disinfecting wipes. These efforts have had an impact on protecting our community First Responders with the first line of defense strategy in combating COVID-19.

We can’t thank you enough for your voted trust, confidence, and support during these unprecedented times and helping us Make a Difference with this SHARED Community INVESTMENT. DONATE Now!

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Listen to our COVID-19 Rapture and positive message song below:

Ozzy Ramos, Founder