We are proud to announce that we will be supporting, sponsoring, and offering the opportunity to several youth to attend a 4 days 3 nights (April 19–22, 2018) Youth Development and Leadership Conference with our newfound partners the American Independence Foundation of Colonial Virginia (AIFCV) in Yorktown, VA as part of our Camp CONNECTED initiative.

The AIFCV’s MISSION is to provide historic and current leadership, patriotic, business, and civic training for the youth of our country. Their program GOALS are as follows:

  • To provide the youth of our nation with a program to develop their leadership, patriotic, and entrepreneurial zeal designed to help their citizenship skills and abilities.
  • To provide young leaders with a greater understanding of Colonial America’s quest for national independence and freedom.
  • To improve understanding of and devotion to the American way of life as defined by the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.
  • To foster interest in and preserve the principles of freedom, justice, and liberty for all responsible citizens.
  • To identify charitable individuals, organizations, and foundations to contribute to our foundation or sponsor students to our conferences.

The ideals and partnership of the AIFCV coincide with the spirited goals of Ozzy’s Journey, a vision which propels adolescents to young adults through a youth empowerment, development, and educational mobilization which contributes to the production of exceptional young citizens and leaders, while keeping them TRUE the our Red, White, & Blue. In short, it is a patriotic call to action for the greater good of humanity and creates a successful outcome that benefits all involved. Our ability to fund and support this program is driven by a portion of proceeds from the American Veterans Ball (AVB) and through donations.  

We seek your consideration and financial support for this youth development initiative. Seeking individual and business sponsors (100% tax deductible) to help defray cost to families. To help support this effort Donate to Camp CONNECTED. No donation too large of too small. 100% of your donation goes directly to the sponsorship of the child participation and program cost. Cost per child to attend is $300 which includes housing and meals; however, transportation cost to/from conference location is not included.

Must be enrolled as an active high school student (Sophomore or Junior in order to apply) and can be from any state within the U. S. and its territories. Download application and apply to send your child to this elite Leadership Conference and be sure to add the words “Camp CONNECTED” at the top of the application. Currently we will be sponsoring a total of 5 students in which we have the funds to support, but aim at increasing this number of participants through a collective donated effort.  Click here to download application.

We appreciate your consideration, support, and thank you in advance. Please SHARE if you CARE. (SOW, REAP, GROW)

For more information contact Director AIFCV, Mr. Earl Johnson by email at: earljohnson@aifcv.org or directly at 757-560-0963 or Founder of H.O.M.E. Ozzy Ramos at oramos@iwannagohome.org or directly 540-288-7100.