As you well are aware the island of Puerto Rico has been declared a catastrophic natural disaster caused by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017. During this time our certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization – (Home of Miracles & Embraces, Inc., aka H.O.M.E. ) EIN 20-5834015 had launched a GoFundMe effort to assist and have an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on those with dire need throughout the crisis.

We are PROUD to report that to date we have purchased and forward deployed a total of 800 Water Filtration Units to Puerto Rico with beneficial IMPACT on 3600 families and thousands of others that we have been fortunate to have touched with other provisions. We have also been involved with many dire cases involving our displaced U. S. Veterans and those volunteer Veterans forward deployed assisting the people of Puerto Rico.

We will continue to collaborate with trusted partners, ambassadors, & proven Angels on the Ground already doing the good work for the Greater Good and will also help facilitate relief to those with various needs. Our approach has been swift, effective, with quantifiable measures. We have shifted our focus from an emergency/rescue effort to a humanitarian case by case relief effort for displaced families, home rebuilding, youth education, and long term sustainable solutions.

We are so HONORED of our efforts throughout this time and thank ALL of our donors, supporters, collaborators, but most importantly the people of Puerto Rico for allowing us to serve them. We have operated above board with dignity and respect and have gain the special trust & confidence as a trusted creditable organization. To date, we have publicly accounted for every dollar that has been donated and distributed to/from our GoFundMe account. Additionally, we have also published a financial statement every 30 days for full public disclosure, transparency, and accountability purposes.

As in all humanitarian crisis, we seek to attract and support those GOOD SAMARITANS & ANGELS ON THE GROUND willing to do the Good Work, but the reality is that it takes REAL DOLLARS to continue our missions. No donation too large or too small to accept! Our hopes is for that our HUMANITARIAN EFFORT produces a POSITIVE IMPACT for Change for our fellow AMERICANS in Puerto Rico. We humbly thank you in advance for your time and consideration in supporting our noble efforts. Your DONATIONS are 100% Tax Deductible.

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