Fighting Intensively to Save Teenagers (FIST) is a community-based, modifiable six session group intervention that provides youth with the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves from HIV and other STD’s. The curriculum, founded on the Principles of Ozzy’s Journey, uses fun, interactive activities such as games, role plays and discussions to convey prevention knowledge and the application of real life skills that enhances good choices and stops the further progression of HIV and a HIV free generation. FIST targets youth ages 16-17.

Core Elements and Key Messages of FIST

Implementation core elements:

  • Core Element 1: Delivering intervention one-on-one to parents/guardians and youth in well-located community-based setting (such as CBO, church, recreation center, or school).
  • Core Element 2: Use of a facilitator whom the parents/guardians find credible. The facilitator should be skilled at building rapport with parent and youth at the beginning of the session.
  • Core Element 3: Ideally, FIST should be delivered after the teenager at appropriate age group or subsequent to completing the Focus on Youth curriculum.

Pedagogy core elements:

  • Core Element 4: Use of a documentary that shows the challenges and importance of parents monitoring and talking to their Teenagers ages 16-17 about sex, abstinence, STDs, HIV and condoms.
  • Core Element 5: Facilitator must sit down and watch the video with the parent/guardian and teen. Teenagers and parent/guardian must watch the video together.

Content core elements:

  • Core Element 6: Enabling parent/guardian and teenager to learn and practice communication skills.
  • Core Element 7: Teaching parent/guardian and teenagers proper condom use skills.
  • Core Element 8: Distributing and guiding parent/guardian and teenagers through a Resource Guide that includes the following topics:
    • Basic components of good communication and how to talk to your youth
    • Importance of parental guidance and communication
    • Steps for proper condom use
    • Pregnancy, STD’s, and HIV facts, including prevalence data among teenage Americans