As you well are aware the island of Puerto Rico has been declared a catastrophic natural disaster caused by Hurricane Maria. Much HELP is needed, for both short and the long term, and most of the island is still without power and unable to communicate with the outside world to compound the problem. Both infrastructure and island resources are completely damaged, coupled by the people whom remain frail, displaced, broken, patient, and gracious. The island is in need of basic life survival necessities such as food, clean drinking and potable water, and medical supplies. Fuel was initially an issue, but is now starting to flow and steadily stabilizing supply and demand.

Although tons of various relief has already arrived onto the island, continues to arrive and in some cases at a halt on the mainland in several states in the U. S., there appears to be a major disconnection with command and control, coordinating efforts, and the distribution of such goods to the municipalities; and importantly the people most in need. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and now living in inhumane conditions subject to many potential health threats, problems, and viruses which can plague them. While we understand that the island is presented with a multiple of complex and problematic challenges in getting these basic life essential necessities to them, we also believe that this is time sensitive issue and call to action that requires a thorough understanding of its scale and an absolute remedy coupled with a “swift response” and a sense of urgency.

We are witnessing and hearing about too many accounts of people (men, women, elderly, and children) pleading for help & scrounging for food, water, proper nourishment, and medical assistance. In some cases from people who have not received any type of relief to this date for themselves, families and children which no longer can’t be ignored. We are also aware that people are filing in lines to purchase limited goods available to them at Costco/Walmart with the little that they have or have collected up with others just to survive. Many people don’t even have any cash, let alone access to an ATM. There are also accounts of misappropriation, insider theft, price gouging, and yes, even donated food with marked with hearts on top of lids and omitted bar codes in store shelves for sale.

Our organization certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization – (Home of Miracles & Embraces, Inc., aka H.O.M.E.) EIN 20-5834015 has launched this GoFundMe effort with a Focus on Youth emphasis to assist and have an IMMEDIATE and DIRECT IMPACT for these families and children during this current crisis. Your DONATIONS are 100% Tax Deductible. We have Ambassadors & Good Samaritans on the ground doing the good work already on their own accord. We are a supporting arm to these folks dedicated to sending them direct access to funds in between their missions for replenishment. We aim at generating a seed of normalcy for these children under these HORRIFIC and INHUMANE conditions until the situation is more under control and that they are able to obtain the resources and basic necessities they require for daily living without plead. We are also open to assist families in imminent danger and getting them off of the island and reunited with family members here back on the mainland. For those with no connections here we can help facilitate a temporary stay with a sponsored family.

We yield with a collective voice and committed spirit in helping the people of Puerto Rico. We applaud and urge our U. S. Government to lead and assist the Puerto Rican government during this time of need and HUMANITARIAN call for ACTION which will SAVE many from the INHUMANE CONDITIONS on the ground and those in DIRE NEED OF SURVIVAL!

We have established a modest goal of 10K, but we all know that there’s a long road ahead which will require much more funding to sustain this humanitarian effort in the future. No donation too large or too small to accept! We are simply asking people to donate/pledge a minimum of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) and that you share, comment, and encourage others within your network to do the same. Our hopes is for this HUMANITARIAN CAMPAIGN to go VIRAL for a Positive Cause and IMPACT for Change for our fellow AMERICANS in Puerto Rico. We humbly thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Ozzy Ramos – Founder

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