Ozzy Ramos Speaking at U. S. House of RepresentativesFounder, HIV activist, and Philanthropist Ozzy Ramos is a native New Yorker from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and is of Puerto Rican descent. He was mentored and molded by the principles and philosophies of the late Mr. John M. Davis, fellow high school teacher, human rights, and mid 80′s HIV Activist of ACT-UP New York, whom Ozzy respectfully refers to him as his “White Shadow”. Their daily relationship grew to be that of father and son for 33 years. Mr. Davis invested many years in taking the streets out of Ozzy and preparing him for life’s greatest lessons and challenges that laid ahead in life. He took great interest and emphases in Ozzy’s personal growth, development, journey, purpose, and citizenship. Mr. Davis’ was all about human rights, having a voice of reason, positive change, making a difference, and protecting children. Through Mr. Davis’ involvement Ozzy became a member of ACT-UP Raleigh, NC in 1986 and attended periodic meetings in New York with his mentor during this time after finding out that his late wife, son, and daughter were all infected with HIV. Maritza, Ozzy’s wife, was documented to be one of the first heterosexual women infected in the U.S. along with their kids being one of the first kids infected with the virus. Although Mr. Davis’ presence and daily lectures are missed by Ozzy, there is a great deal of comfort in knowing that his journey represents many of Mr. Davis’ ideals, vision, and theories regarding life choices, consequences, change for the greater good, and a social responsibility that we all should have in leaving this world a little better then when we entered it.

Guided by the principles of FAITH and not by sight is Ozzy’s way of life. Ozzy has a great appreciation for life and is well known to wear his heart on his sleeves when it comes to his passion of youth afflicted by HIV, coupled by his desires to raise HIV awareness and prevention among today’ youth. His philanthropic heart to make a difference comes from his life experience and quest for an HIV Free generation. Ozzy understands sense of duty and commitment as he served our nation proudly for over 20 years as a Special Staff Officer with the United States Marine Corps. Ozzy has a long and iconic legacy with HIV and was the first, U. S. Marine, HIV Instructor ever to be on the National Navy Instructor’s Team certified by the Bureau of Medicine, Bethesda, MD back in 1991, in rapid response to an HIV outbreak among military members. Since his retirement in 2005, Ozzy owns and operates a Personnel Screening and Investigative firm called C U CLEAR, which can be found on the web at www.cuclear.com. As a Marine Officer he enforced national policy, as an HIV activist and entrepreneur he wants to work towards an HIV Free generation for the greater good.


There are times in life that you don’t get to pick the issues you want to take on, sometimes they just simply pick you.” Ozzy Ramos