The 15 principles below reflect H.O.M.E. beliefs about the role of philanthropy and the impact they want our organization to have. The principles guide and define us in what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. While many of them are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as we grow and learn more about our own work.

Guiding Principle #1

Our mission and concepts in developing youths through education and empowerment merits your active participation in our shared objective.

Guiding Principle #2

Philanthropy plays a very important role in who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Guiding Principle #3

The value of our efforts significantly increases improvement in lives of our youths.

Guiding Principle #4

We are fundraisers, funders and shapers—we rely on a sense of urgency, action, and implementation.

Guiding Principle #5

Our focus is clear — We will prioritize issues based on needs, those that are considered to be at risk, demographics, communities, and segments of the population we feel needs attention.

Guiding Principle #6

We identify segments and points of prevention and apply our efforts against a theory of change through education, empowerment, life skills, awareness, and social mobilization events.

Guiding Principle #7

We are willing to take risks, make big bets, and move with a sense of urgency. We are in it for the long haul with a calm consistency.

Guiding Principle #8

We advocate—vigorously but responsibly—in our areas of focus. We are “out of the box thinkers”.

Guiding Principle #9

We will remain humble and mindful in our actions and words. We seek collaborate and heed the counsel of outside voices.

Guiding Principle #10

We treat our grantees as valued partners and beneficiaries of our work with respect.

Guiding Principle #11

We aim at delivering results with the resources that are available to us and seek to share information about those results.

Guiding Principle #12

We demand ethical behavior of ourselves.

Guiding Principle #13

We treat each other as valued colleagues.

Guiding Principle #14

Meeting our mission—to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need—requires great stewardship of the money we have available.

Guiding Principle #15

We leave room for growth, change, and further development of our youths for the greater good of our society.