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Our mission is to empower youth through education in life skills, leadership, personal growth, while impacting positive humanitarian change and advocacy resulting in a shared community investment.

Be the changeH.O.M.E. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (20-5834015) from the great state of Virginia, dedicated towards youth causes and a variety of humanitarian issues that affect our society today. These issues can play a major role and obstacle in deterring our kids away from serving their true purposes, growth potential, and journey’s in life. This is why we advocate that the journeys within our children begin within ourselves first, and the seeds we sow and invest in them as parents, caretakers, teachers, and providers. It is the true meaning and purpose of our renewed I M HOME logo, because that is exactly what we are to them. We are their world, we are their HOME, and we invite you to share this most common responsibility for all of humanity with us.

The word “HOME” has a very profound and impactful meaning that can take on many different forms of identity, but generally we tend to understand it as a place of refuge, sense of belonging to, or an unbreakable faith and centered place of love. It is a reflection of everlasting memories and a pillar of rooted strength that identifies who we are in this world. HOME is able to be transformed and rediscovered from time to time, but some may never find home after departing from it, while others never leave or forget its origin, but most importantly, it is a place we can’t ever see through the portals of a stranger’s eyes, because HOME will always be where your heartis.

We are “out of the box” and forward thinkers with committed principles in having a profound impact to the lives that we touch. While many of these principles are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as we grow and learn more about the needs of youth and our humanitarian efforts. Although money is important and the “backbone” to the many things that we will like to do, it is “NOT” what defines us as educators of our causes and  interest; however, we do run our organization as a business with vested interest and are in it for the long haul. We are laborers of hope, faith, principles, and purpose for social mobilization. We aim to be a renewed model of positive change and an educational platform of excellence to the youths we serve for the greater good. Accordingly, we believe that our efforts and call to action merits your interest, active participation, and investment as concerned parents and citizens by embracing a movement that is greater than ourselves.

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