This initiative is aimed at raising the level of situational awareness within the general public and increasing their knowledge about HIV prevention, transmission, and barriers to early diagnosis, access to care, treatment, and quality of life rights. Learn the facts and have a voice.


Before we can stop any epidemic such as HIV, we first have to recognize the magnitude of the disease. Although there are now new treatments for people with HIV to live longer, it still remains to be a significant threat to our younger generation. Learn the facts and be part of our empowerment solution!


Ozzy’s Journey is an HIV awareness campaign aimed at stopping the further progression of this disease and stigma through an educational and preventive initiative. For more than three decades this epidemic continues to be a serious threat to society and a generation that is still being plagued today.


 An HIV Awareness & Prevention Organization


The Home of Miracles & Embraces (H.O.M.E.) is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (20-5834015) exclusively dedicated to Youth HIV Awareness & Prevention through an educational intervention effort. Our mission is to empower youth through education in life skills, leadership, personal growth, while impacting positive change and advocacy resulting in a shared community investment.

Since the inception of H.O.M.E., in 2006, we have embraced other critical topics and adolescent concerns that play a major role with HIV infection rates; such as, lack of HIV education, stigma, STD’s in general, teenage pregnancy issues, gang participation and violence, drug use, and bullying. We realized that the problems that plague our youths today directly affect the choices and consequences they face on a daily basis. Infusing these problems into our core efforts enables us to attempt to equip and empower them with life-skills tools that will help them make better choices throughout their personal growth and developmental years.

Although we understand that our focus on HIV is not a popular cause among the majority, we aimed to educate and renew that mindset with our Focus on Youth strategy. Our mission and concept in helping stop the further progression of HIV among youths through education merits your active participation; as parents, concern citizens, and one with compassion with our positive cause. We are “Out of the Box” and forward thinkers that are in it for the long haul. Our principles guide the impact we want our organization to have in who we are, all that what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. While many of these principles are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as we grow and learn more about our own work.

Our methodologies allow us to explore various ways that empowers students to learn and encourage them to stay in school. Living among an HIV Free generation requires an environment that fosters success through leadership development, life skills, and a visionary career path to reach. This effort is further complemented by teaching and advocating to these youths about citizenship, serving their communities, accepting responsibilities, finding purpose, and taking on a more proactive approach with their lives and our society.

The word “HOME” has a very profound and impactful meaning that can take on many different forms of identity, but generally we tend to understand it as a place of refuge, sense of belonging to, a place of love that one can identify with, a place of reflection, everlasting memories, and a pillar of rooted strength that identifies who we are in this world. Home is able to be transformed and rediscovered from time to time, some may never find home after departing from it, while others never leave, but most importantly, it is a place we can never see through a stranger’s eyes for more than a moment.

Our focus remains clear and on target with the topics of our interest. We advocate the need for all parents to understand that their active roles are instrumental in their own child’s life and coincide with our principles and methodologies. Your understanding, active involvement, and commitment in their lives will have a profound impact on their own purpose and journey’s and will complement our efforts for a HIV Free generation. It is a commitment that we should help afford to our children in pursuit of their own happiness, freedoms, and prosperity. We stand ready to collaborate and partner with all parents, educational resources, and community based organizations to reach our common goals for the Greater Good.

We have been blessed and embraced by our own families, friends, business sponsors, and individual supporters who believe in us. Although money is important and the backbone to the many things that we will like to do, it is NOT what defines us as educators of our cause. We do this with the principles of faith and stand in agreement with the purpose of our lives through Jesus Christ. We are committed in becoming a renew model of education and a platform of excellence for an HIV Free generation.